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No Repairs, No Fees & No Headaches

Easy 3 step process!

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How We Put The Word “Simple” In Home Selling*

We start the simple home selling process by eliminating all the people with their hands out for a commission. Next we kick the banks to the curb… Then we pay for the other fees involved, that we wish we could get rid of but unfortunately we can’t. Last is your Cash Offer. And that’s how we make home selling so simple!

*honestly we really just typed it into the heading…. not really a big secret…


Simple 3 Step Process

As we try to make everything as difficult as possible for you, and we understand that 3 steps maybe to much…You can always take the more confusing, harder way with our 1 step process and just call us at (702) 601-1673***

***Note: we do realize that pressing each number on the phone could be considered a multi step process, that’s why we made our phone number clickable!!!

Send Us Some Info

Just fill in the form, and you’re all set! We’ll get the process started

We’ll Be In Touch

We will gather some information on your property and then contact you to schedule a walk-through.

step 3

Sign & Get Your Cash

If you like our offer, simply set a closing date & get your cash at closing.

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Easy Home Selling Without Commissions Or Fees!

The Real-Estate Agent

We can get ride of the Real-Estate agent because you are selling directly to us making us the buyer. And since you no longer need a buyer then you no loner need an agent. This also eliminates the 6% commission they get for finding you a buyer. (and sometimes more then 6%)

Note: Agents can also charge miscellaneous fees for paper work and contracts. Don’t be fooled… It can be as high as another 1%

Home Appraiser

I thought the home appraiser is paid for by the buyer? Well yes, your right! BUT, what happens when the appraisal comes back to low? Then you either lower the sale price or the buyer comes more out of pocket. Since we use our own cash, there is no need for bank approved appraisals. Problem solved… Extra headaches and arguments avoided! Your welcome…

Home Inspection

Wait a minute, this is paid for by the buyer too? Yep, your right again… BUT, Anything they find wrong is on your dime. Keep one major thing in mind about Inspectors, They are paid to find things wrong, and they will. Lucky for you we are the inspector as well. Its all added into the cash offer we give you. We hate surprises just as much as you do!


We Kick The Banks As Well!

We Feel the same way when it come to banks. Not only do they take for ever to close on a loan, they can also delay the closing up to 90 days. So we just don’t use them. This is all done by the power of cash. We have enough cash on hand to close on your house in as little as 7 days.

The Non-Avoidable Fees

We take care of all the fees as well. We truly mean it when we say there is NO extra fees.

HOA Resale Fee

Fee for HOA resale package $299 and up

Title Insurance

Background check on the property about .3%

State Tax Transfer Fee

State charges a tax transfer fee about .5%

Title Contract & Escrow

Title Fees about $499 and up


Even my 10yr old daughter can do it!

To be fair, she did get an A in math… Proud Daddy I am, Yay!!!

Lets Break It Down

  1. We start with your ARV (after repair value) this will be what the current value is after we bring the house up to todays standards or like new condition.
  2. 0.725 is our risk and profit factor. We take all the risk of rehabbing the property and bring it up to date for maximum market value.
  3. The REPAIR cost, is estimated amount it will cost to bring the house to like new conditions for resale.

Example for a $200,000 ARV

200,000 x 0.725 = $145,000 – $15,000 (repairs) = $130,000 Cash Offer

Of course all situations are different and the offer could be more or less. There can be so many factors that come into play to consider. But the 1st step is to fill out one of our forms to get your exact offer.

No matter the reasons you’re selling your home, no matter the headaches and drama it has caused in your life or you just don’t have the time to wait for it to sell, we are here to take care of it all NOW. With our quick process, fast CASH OFFERS and our never ending desire to make you friends of NLS Homes, You have nothing to lose. Call us today (702) 601-1673

Get Your Free Offer Today.

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